2002 Grant Recipients

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, Gaithersberg, MD

Support for a book and teachers guide to increase educational opportunities for students with OI.

Smart School Charter Middle School, Lauderhill, FL

Support for the development of the Smart School Community Learning Center.

Landmark School, Prides Crossing, Mass.

Support for a program to share Landmark’s expertise in working with students with learning disabilities with public school teachers.

St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri

Support for the Special Learning Clinic of the College of Public Service to develop workshops for teachers to better understand and respond to students with catastrophic illness.

Atlantis Charter School, Fall River, Mass.

Support for an initiative to strengthen technology instruction.

Birchtree Center for Children, Portsmouth, NH

Support for start up costs of a school specializing on students with autism.

Smartgirls, Seattle, Washington

Support for transition from an all volunteer program to one with paid staff.

Center for Accessible Technology, Berkeley, CA

Support for a teacher and staff professional development program to improve educational services to students with disabilities who need specialized technology.