2001 Grant Recipients

Need in Deed, Philadelphia, PA

Support for service-learning initiatives with Philadelphia public school students and teachers.

International Sailing Institute, Providence, R.I.

Support for start up expenses for the Paul Cuffee Charter Public School.

Community Day Charter School, Lawrence, MA

Support for a Mentor Teacher Program.

Foundation for Excellent Schools, Cornwall, VT

Support the establishment of a partnership between faculty at Middlebury College and teachers in five New York City high schools.

Harmony School Education Center, Bloomington, Ind.

Support for the planning of the National School Reform Faculty initiative.

The Urban Resources Initiative, New Haven, CT

Support for Open Spaces as Learning Places, a new environmental education program.

University of California, Davis

Support for ArtsBridge program.

Architecture Resource Center, New Haven, CT

Support for the Hartford, Capital City, Cultural Landscape Program, an interdisciplinary educational project for Middle school students.

Friends of the Future, Kamuela, Hawaii

Support for the Earl’s Garage project to increase educational opportunities in science and technology for students through a hands-on approach.

L/A Arts, Lewiston, ME

Support for the Visual Literacy project for elementary school children.