2018 Grant Recipients

The following organizations received $35,000 in grants:


Support to develop a full instructional unit on a core civic subject: Foundations of Government. This unit will be the basis for any government class. It explores the principles and philosophies behind modern political institutions. The unit will have 5-6 individual lessons, including case studies, assessments and activities that strengthen primary source reading and media literacy.

Profound Gentlemen,

Support for a 12-month project to develop, support and retain highly effective male teachers of color across the nation to positively impacting the academic achievement of all children in traditional public and charter schools, with special attention to the achievement of boys of color.

1881 Institute,

Support for a STEM program for vulnerable populations by integrating  STEM into school curriculum and preparing youth to enter STEM fields, specifically entry level engineering and technician positions.

University of Vermont

Support to use exploratory findings to collaboratively develop an intervention that would guide families and educators to new pathways for effective communication and engagement. Developed collaboratively with families, community members, and education professionals, an intervention that would build capacity of both teachers and families to partner to improve educational outcomes for vulnerable students in Vermont and elsewhere.