2016 Grant Recipients


To support Studio H, a rigorous and nationally recognized design/build academic program for high school students.  Studio H applies core subject learning to teach creative fundamentals, industry-relevant design and construction skills, community development, and service through the lens of public architecture. Each year, Studio H students research, prototype, design, and construct a full-scale piece of public architecture for their community. Over the past five years, students of Studio H have constructed a farmers market pavilion that created 4 new businesses and 15 new full-time jobs, shipping container classrooms and their own school library, tiny homes for the homeless, and more. With integrated science, technology, engineering, math, and social science content, Studio H elevates high school learning for students through relevant social projects and prepares them for the rigor and research-based inquiry of their college education, careers, and beyond.


Support foran outreach campaign to partner with more schools, educators, and students. Story Share exists to help struggling readers beyond elementary school. Their goal is to improve literacy skills, and therefore academic and life outcomes more broadly. To do so, they are training and motivating authors to create content that is appealing to older readers who read below level and distributing the content to teachers and students on an accessible digital platform with built-in supports and assessments.


Support to expand 3D LIT during the 2016-17 school year, the 6th year of the program. Sundog’s 3D LITERACY (3D LIT) is an integrated theatre/literacy program designed to help students who are behind in literacy learning to improve their ability to read, write, learn, and communicate. Rooted in brain development science, 3D LIT makes literacy learning a physical experience by incorporating novel ideas and whimsical games that stimulate brain neurons to help students better retain information. By boosting their capacity to learn, 3D LIT builds students’ confidence, empowering them with skills needed not only to master language, but also help create successful and meaningful lives.